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Cam Is God

How can you guys possibly like DeAngelo Williams

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Other than the fact that he's a Panther and we have to/should support him....


He had that one really good year , followed by a decent year (by good RB standards mediocre ) , got his chunk of $$$ and now what?

All he does is put up 20-50 yards a game while cockblocking someone who's 4385348 times the back he is (Stewart) from getting carries.

With Tolbert here , I hope he get's moved out of their way.

Seriously the 1st thing I do when I start a franchise on Madden is cut Williams.

I don't hate the guy (except the year I drafted him for fantasy)

I WANT him to do well.... he just doesn't

I don't understand the nut hugging he gets from coaches and fellow Panther fans. The dude isn't any good



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how about you quit bitching and answer the god damn question

Are you even serious? He gives you 800 yards and you call someone a troll for not liking him

Maybe I'm the one getting trolled

No no, you are a troll. Not a particularly clever or entertaining troll, but a troll none the less.

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Think of this thread when he has 200 yards through the 1st 6 games with maybe 2 TD's

then gets injured

such fuging idiots.

The best year our backs have had in the last 4 years is when he was hurt and Stewy and Goodson got to play

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I think I found the problem. He hates Dwill ever since he drafted him on fantasy football. There's the problem right there. You never, i repeat, NEVER draft people from your team. Except Cam.

I'm pretty sure you drafted him very high too. Which probably fueled your anger even more..

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