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Sam Mills Fan

It's looking more and more likely that Captain Munnerlyn will start again this season

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JawnyBlaze    5,372

Don't we still have some cap room? Don't you think we will probably add DT or DE and CB as other teams' cuts happen?

Maybe, but I'm sure most of us are hoping his replacement is already here. Either Norman or Hogan should easily take his spot if he's healthy. Even as inexperienced/rookie guys they can't be worse than Capt. At worst they'll get just as lost as he did almost every play, while still not giving up the size advantage so badly. If they're not healthy, then Butler was definitely better and should get the spot. Hopefully it's just a case of what was already mentioned, the incumbent starter getting the benefit of the doubt in the preseason, but come full season the best guy actually will play.

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rayzor    10,726

If we can get the DL to apply a but for pressure and shave a little more time off how long the other QB's have to throw I think we will be ok.

Also, just because Captain starts in the first few games doesn't mean he has locked it up the entire season, no?

an improved, more experienced, and healthy front 7 will make the secondary much better than it was in that it will take a lot of the pressure off. the added competition will mean that we have more quality there (or should anyway). i also think that getting an upgrade in the DBs coach will be a huge boon to them. steve wilks is one of the best in the business and actually fits what rivera is doing and has worked with him before quite a lot.

whether capt is starting or not doesn't matter to me much. i don't care who is starting, i just feel better about the state the secondary will be in because of all those factors i brought up. ans, like zod here said, just because capt starts at the beginning doesn't guarantee he'll keep the job. if someone does better then we'll see a needed change.

until i see that we are going to have problems, i'm just going to run with the assumption that things will be better this year. nothing i can do about it anyway so why worry?

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Ken    1,311

Yes a front good front 7 will improve the secondary, no doubting that but even still Munnerlyn should not be starting week 1(baring injuries).

I expect/hope Norman/Bulter to be CB2 by week 1.

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csx    7,323

I never saw a realistic chance of Norman coming in and immediately becoming a starter. I don't think the team counted on that in their plans. It may take him a year or more to work into that role and as always there is a chance he may not.

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aussiePanther    214

I don't understand the surprise here.

If you've listened to Rivera's comments on training cam so far he's been real high on Munnerlyn a few times (Steve Smith of the defense etc)

Munnerlyn and LaFell both.

'Course I haven't seen any of the action from cam so it surprises me to read "as bad as he's been in camp" in the OP.

As far as the coach is concerned he's almost certainly locked in the 2nd corner spot:

"I think Captain Munnerlyn has a foothold on (cornerback opposite Chris Gamble) but they’ll still battling it out for the third position."

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