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Kicker battle getting serious!

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So we're 2 games into the preseason and here's my honest opinion even though it's not what I want at all...

Medlock has the stronger leg by far on FG's and doesn't lack for accuracy.

Mare is holding his own in games as well

We all know what they've done in TC

Medlock is weaker in Kickoff situations, with Mare kicking it through the end zone almost every time.

I think that they're going to keep Mare unfortunately. And it pains me to say it, because I hate Mare.

I don't think that they will sacrifice field position to keep Medlock.

Possible scenarios:

1- we keep them both (unlikely imo, but smart)

2- and I don't even know if it's feasible... Could we corner Mare into taking a pay cut to remain a Panther? Is it too late? I just can't see us paying this dude the Amt of money he's due.

3- we keep Medlock and cut Mare

As silly as it is to debate this issue, it could be the difference in going to the playoffs, or even going deep into the playoffs.

I'd like to keep Medlock for FG's... his power is similar to Janikiwski's... But he sucks off the tee!

But we're at risk of giving up some major field position, and as we know it's a game of inches...

Never been so worried about a damn kicker in my life. I honestly feel as though at some point this decision may cost us a game or two at some point potentially.

Debate... Leave out Mare sucks stuff though, we already know that. Does anybody else share my sentiments?

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We shouldn't cut a kicker because the KO team can't tackle anyone. Medlock kicked it past the goal line and the guy still had a nice return on it. So I guess you think the bad tackling is his fault since you said he sucks.

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The thought of them keeping Mare makes me puke.

You wanna know what has been making Mare blow kicks left and right in camp?

Justin Medlock has. You put pressure on Mare and he caves.

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Honestly... Like no bs... This whole situation scares the poo out of me.

I seriously have a feeling that this has the potential to seriously effect the outcome of our season. I mean imagine that we need a game winner to move on and Mare misses it. I would literally break my own stuff I'd be so angry.

Here's to hoping we don't have any close games I guess

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I think Medlock has this locked down. He may not kick it through the endzone every single time on kickoffs like Mare, but at least he consistently makes field goals. Even long ones(45-50 yarders) And he kicks them right down the middle with them hitting the net. Being able to count on our kicker giving us 3 points when we need them is more important then touchbacks. Medlock will get plenty of touchbacks though. Plus he is way younger.

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Medlocke is younger and will be cheaper.

Mare never stood a chance in Charlotte replacing John Kasay, wouldn't have mattered if he was kicking at a 95% accuracy rate. The Panthers could have brought back Jan Stenerud from the dead in his prime and Panthers fans would not have been happy.

Kasay and Mare both missed 6 FGs last season, Kasay was 28/34 while Mare was 22/28. And don't forget Kasay was kicking in a dome off turf for at least 9 of the Saints* games last season.

Because Mare missed 2 chip shots that could possibly have been game winners is what most delusional fans will remember. So, let's say one of those was a certain game winner and the team ends up 7-9 instead of 6-10... does that make you feel better?

Put a lot of the problem not on the kickers and start looking at the special teams. Look at the Houston game when the Texans returner decided to come out of the deep end zone on a kickoff and 3 Panthers had the guy wrapped at the 4 yard line and he somehow gets to the 20. Look at last night when the Dolphins weren't afraid to come out of the EZ, regardless how deep the kick was. That's the real key... if your special teams suck, it gets scouted just like everything else and nobody will have any second thoughts about returning from deep in the end zone.

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Here's the kind of thing that matters to Hurney:

John Kasay was a leftie.

Medlock is a leftie.

We loved Kasay.

Brownie points for Medlock.

In this case, I can live with this kind of reasoning.

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