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Sutcliffe: Deport Melky Cabrera

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Wow. I'm a big Red Baron fan but this is a slippery slope.

Interested to see what y'all think of his comments?

An immigrant came to the USA and broke a law. The man does have a point.

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FTR, baseball will never change until that POS Selig starts bringing the ban hammer down with full force.

Pete Rose bet on baseball. He is permabanned from the HOF. Has there been betting on baseball since? No.

First offense = 100 game

Second offense= permaban

The fact that the Allstar MVP could still win a batting title after this should tell u everything u need to know.

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Look, I hate Selig as much, if not more than anyone. He's terrible for baseball, but he's doing all that he can here.

The MLBPA is too powerful for him to enforce bans like that. They would NEVER let it happen.

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He's not going to get deported, but that POS Melky Cabrera deserves everything coming to him.

I've never seen such a waste of space (a big one at that) in the outfield when he played for Atlanta. He gets mad, cheats to lose the weight when he goes to the Royals, keeps doping and has an all-star year with the Giants. Real classy guy who cheats, crotch chops fans and taunts other players.

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Did y'all read that article about him creating a fake website in order to throw off the investigators? that's gotta be "conspiracy" or some judicial violation, right?

Like I said, I'm sure some of the huddle whistleblowers (and I'm surprised one in particular hasn't attempted to troll yet) will say that this is comment loaded with racial tendencies. And FTR, Sutcliffe may be a racist. I don't know him. Neither do you.

But what he said is right. He is an immigrant here on a work permit. He commited a crime. Deportation is usually the next step. fuging Slick Rick was deported back to the UK years ago because of arrests.

I'd like to invite any American to go to a different country and commit a victimless crime. You'll be back so fast your coffee will still be warm.

EDIT: Here is the link to the article about MC: http://deadspin.com/melky-cabrera/

Also, just think about this....If one of these powerhouse AL teams like the NYY/ChiSox/Rays/Rangers go to the world series, they're not going to have HFA because the all-star MVP was doping. How funny would it be if they play the Giants. Baseball, lol.

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