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John Clayton's QB Rankings

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1. Aaron Rodgers

2. Tom Brady

3. Drew Brees

4. Ben Rapethlisberger

5. Eli Manning

6. Payton Manning

7. Phillip Rivers

8. Tony Romo

9. Michael Vick

10. Matt Ryan

11. Matt Schaub

12. Matt Stafford

13. Joe Flacco

Chad Pennington division (on the cusp of greatness or just Chad Penningtonish)

14. Jay Cutler

15. Cam Newton (arrow is pointing up)

16. Josh Freeman

17. Alex Smith

18. Sam Bradford

19. Andy Dalton

20. Matt Cassel

21. Carson Palmer

22. Ryan Fitzpatrick

23. Mark Sanchez

24. Andrew Luck

25. Bob Griffin

Hit or Miss division

26. Christian Ponder

27. Matt Flynn, Russel Wilson

28. John Skelton or Kevin Kolb

29. Jake Locker

30. Ryan Tannehill

31. Brandon Weeden

32. Blaine Gabbert

Analysis for Cam: Newton is knocking on the door of the elite after an incredible rookie season in which he threw for 4,051 yards and hit more big plays than any other rookie in recent memory. He has worked on his short and intermediate throws to make sure he doesn't have a sophomore slump.

Arrow is pointing: up

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I believe Clausen is at number 33. And when I say 33, I actually mean 3300.

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It's fair to be honest.

For most last season was just a flash in the pan.

Load the mental chamber some more hater media.

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I just thought his rankings were quite weird. Ben above Eli? Freeman that high?

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He basically said he wasn't putting a QB in the elite division unless they led their team to the playoffs. Also, only having 3 tiers is dumb.

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Honestly I think alot of what Cam did was because of the system he's in.

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