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2012 College Football Season Thread

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AP is a joke.

AP Top 25





1 Alabama (60) 5-0 1500

2 Oregon 6-0 1435

3 South Carolina 6-0 1359

4 Florida 5-0 1265

5 West Virginia 5-0 1260

6 Kansas State 5-0 1217

7 Notre Dame 5-0 1176

8 Ohio State 6-0 1053

9 LSU 5-1 938

10 Oregon State 4-0 873

11 USC 4-1 812

12 Florida State 5-1 800

13 Oklahoma 3-1 756

14 Georgia 5-1 733

15 Texas 4-1 711

16 Clemson 5-1 657

17 Stanford 4-1 587

18 Louisville 5-0 494

19 Mississippi State 5-0 450

20 Rutgers 5-0 331

21 Cincinnati 4-0 205

22 Texas A&M 4-1 153

23 Louisiana Tech 5-0 129

24 Boise State 4-1 114

25 Michigan 3-2 82

SEC bias is terrible Florida ranked to high. But not only that Michigan at 25 at 3-2 alot better 4-1 and 5-1 teams then them.

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Florida does have one of, if not, the most impressive resumes.

I never understood why so many people get so mad at rankings in October. It will all play itself out in the end, I can promise you that.

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SEC Hater consolation prize as follows......Mississippi ST should be ranked higher then they are.

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Florida schedule is just front loaded not impressive. Only teams they have played that are worth anything was A&M and LSU. You are right it will work its way out. But Florida shouldnt have moved all the way up to 4th. Like I said SEC Bias.

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SEC Bias for a reason though. They continue to win championships. Is it really bias if it's true?

Florida had to go into A&M and Tennessee on back to back weeks, two of the loudest stadiums in the SEC.

They will also have to play USC, UGA, and FSU. Their schedule is better than that of WVU, which I'm assuming you are arguing for. But that's not the point, they have a great resume up to this point and have played well, not sure how you can argue them not being over WVU.

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They beat a LSU team that was over rated and was declining in the polls do to poor play. Sure it was a good victory but not one to put them that high. Really doesnt matter as the AP doesnt count in the BCS. Just dont like the perception it gives to the SEC. Noise in the Stadiums isnt a factor in the Poll VOLS arent that good. Aggies I will give you that one, WVU had to go into Texas and play to the loudest crowd thats been their the past 15 years.

I have always hated polls just because it is all perception and not on who is actually good or not.

Im enjoying this season it is like a bowl game every week for WVU. Heisman leading canidate and a team that once the young secondary starts to jel will make a run at the national championship. WVU is sitting pretty and as long as they either go undefeated or lose one game they can still make the championship. Dont see a repeat of last year and having 2 sec teams in the chamionship game. Might not even have 1 if both WVU and Oregon go undefeated and no one in the SEC does.

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You're crazy if you think WVU's body of work is better than UF's. I don't think too many people are upset that UF is ahead of WVU, it's because they have a better resume. I am not saying noise has anything to do with polls, but it has everything to do with impressive wins. And doing it back to back weeks makes it even more impressive. WVU just played their first road game all season and really that was their first win that meant anything.

I am not saying UF is a better team than WVU, I think it's a toss up. UF's defense is scary good while WVU offense is scary good. But you guys are sitting pretty because of the ease of schedule. That's why SEC 1-loss teams get the benefit of the doubt.

I just think it's funny you are mad at the AP Poll because WVU is not ahead of UF. You don't see me complaining about the Coach's Poll. For one, I don't care about polls this time of the year. It's not something to worry or stress out about because it's a long season.

And FWIW, many people consider the AP more credible that the Coach's Poll.

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33. North Carolina State (4-2, 1-1) – UP 25

36. Duke (5-1, 2-0) – UP 20

47. North Carolina (4-2, 1-1)

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Big games this week.

(15) Texas vs. (13) Oklahoma: The Red River Rivalry. Texas doesn't have a good defense, but Oklahoma doesn't have a great offense. I see this game being pretty close, but Texas ultimately prevails when ole Landry fugs something up late.

(17) Stanford at (7) Notre Dame: I'm honestly surprised the absurd media didn't put Notre Dame at #1 following their drubbing of Miami. I expect Notre Dame to come out victorious in a close game.

(3) South Carolina at (9) LSU: Game of the Week. This one should be close for a quarter. South Carolina has a great defense and LSU has a bad offense. South Carolina should end up winning by 14+.

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