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Lame League. Help me with my draft strategy

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Kettle    765

So at my new job I agreed to join a league that I assumed would be a traditional 10 team, non PPR league with a buy in of $50, and weekly cash prize as well as playoff prize. I thought it would be fine.

Turns out its gay. Eight of ten teams make the playoffs, No trades. If a player is dropped, I have to pick up a player of the same position, and every position has to have a backup basically. No negative points on DST. Passing TDs are 6. Also the only flex spot is a ninth spot for WR/RB/TE. So the complete 16 man roster I am forced to draft will be...

2 QB 1 Starts

4 RB 2 Start

4 WR 2 Start

2 TE 1 Starts

2 K 1 Starts

2 DST 1 Starts

1 RB/WR/TE Starts

So I'm wondering if I should change my draft strategy at all, which is basically BPA in early rounds with lower priority on WR, and maybe grab an upper tier TE. I usually take TE and D around rounds 7 to 10 depending on how the draft is going.

Just looking for some feedback cuz I've never done a league this lame. So lame. Like everyone gets a participation trophy lame. Yaaaay!!

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cultclassiccat    556

It all depends how deep the draft is and where you pick. Since you have a 10 team league you are golden. Plenty of players to go around and its actually better that there are no trades. Here is a tip, watch the waiver wire, that is your golden ticket. People release players after one game or by accident all the time. Be there to ****** them up.

Here is something crazy to do... and it might work as a strategy. If you are 9 or 10 and cant get Cam, draft Gronk with the first pick and Graham with the second. Most leagues the flex does not include a TE, so I would take a chance and get two #1 targets for arguably the two best qbs in the league running a very high powered passing attack. Then make your next two picks rbs since they are a little more scarce than wrs. With your 5th pick, you pick a QB. Plenty of great ones available... probably both Manning bros, Rivers, Big Ben, Flacco...or if your a gambling man, go with a rookie qb. I did this yr and last and well lets say it worked out in my favor. Then make a serious run on wrs, pick four in a row and try to find #1 targets...maybe Bowe is still available or Decker/Thomas. Thats leaves you with Def and K starters to draft. Take the Cowboys, I like how they are flying under the radar. I hope that helps.

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Kettle    765

A little late but thanks anyway. I had the ninth pick, and planned to take Cam with it, but a couple people were dumb and took Vick and Finley ahead of me so I took Megatron hoping to get Cam with pick 12. He went at 10 and I took Stafford with 12. Only thing I'm concerned about is my TEs since they have the same bye week. I had planned on getting Olsen, and he got taken several rounds before I thought I would get him.

Here's my team followed by round taken.

Matthew Stafford 2

Jay Cutler 9

Matt Forte 3

Steven Jackson 4

Willis McGahee 7

Michael Bush 8

Calvin Johnson 1

Roddy White 5

Mike Wallace 6

Torrey Smith 10

Jarred Cook 11

Kellen Winslow 15

Rob Bironas 14

Shayne Graham 16

Seattle 12

Atlanta 13

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