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2013 draft prospects

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week 5 update

WR Stedman Bailey WVU had a monster game, has the speed and elusiveness to be a pretty good wide out on the next level. 13 catches 303 yards and 5 TDs.

WR Justin Hunter UT had a meh game vs UGA. I was looking for him to make a name for himself but he just couldnt for some reason. he was blanketed in coverage at times but when he did get open Bray just could not hit him. 3 catches 46 yards.

DE Alex Okafor Texas had a pretty good game vs Oklahoma St. he was apply pressure all night with 4 QB hurries, 1 sack, and 6 tackles.

S Kenny Vaccaro Texas played average vs Oklahoma St. he wiffed on a couple of tackles with 1 going for 6 points. he also got burnt for 6 points but did get a pick with a nice break on a ball. 5 tackles, 1 for loss, and a pick.

WR Terrance Williams Baylor had a big game. 17 catches, 314 yards and 2 TDs. i want to see what he runs he seems to have that sneaky speed.

DT Jon Hankins OSU. controlled the LOS the entire game, not allowing Michigan St RB Bell who is also a draft prospect to get over 100 yards.dude is a tank and has the feet to disrupt like a 3 tech. he played everywhere on that DL sat including DE. 3 tackles.

CB Desmond Trufant Washington. he put on a island all night and held it down. even picked off the ball going vs the 6-8 TE to seal the game.

DT John Jenkins UGA like Hankins controlled the LOS and gave UGA a nice push from the middle to keep Bray of his spots in the pocket. 1 tackle 2 pass breakup.

DE Damontre Moore Texas A&M has showed up all year and has played OLB in a 3-4 as well as DE in a 4-3. has a nice quick step with some decent pass rushing moves.vs Arkansas he had 5 tackles with 2.5 being for lost. 1 QB hurry and a force fumble. dude is going to fly up the board if he declares.

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Tyler Eifert

This kid is a legit TE. Can not just block, but blocks well, athletic as fuuck and would be a good Olsen compliment.

Notre Dame 6'6 251

63 rec - 803 yards -5 tds (2011)

9 rec - 158 yards - 1 td (so far in 2012)

He'd be a good fit on offense for us to use like we did Shockey

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week 6 match ups to watch

USC vs Utah

Arkansas vs Auburn

Va Tech vs UNC

LSU vs Florida

UGA vs South Carolina

WVU vs Texas

Da U vs Notre Dame

Nebraska vs OSU

UCLA vs Cal

Washington vs Oregon

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Jonathan Jenkins NT, UGA


Terrance Williams WR, Baylor


John Simon DE/DT, OSU

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USC-Utah on


Star Lotuteli

TJ MCDonald

Marquise Lee

Robert Woods

Matt Barkley (was just stripped off a low snap for a defensive TD)

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Lotulelei already making an early impact, drives Holmes few yards back on first play, then knocks him off to force a fumble and recover it.

Post-Game Thoughts (games still going but that Utah QB blows)

Lotulelei is an absolute force, constantly taking the lineman and pushing him 5+ yards in the backfield,, displaying quickness to get in the backfield, and anchors well when being double teamed, will need some work on his pass rush though. When an entire offense is running away from you, you're doing something right.

TJ McDonald wasn't challenged today against the pass because Utah's QB threw down field like twice, but he kept with his man when asked to, stepped up against the run and attacked the runners hard, aimed for the knees and got them down.

Woods and Lee both played well against a meh secondary, showed the ability to play at every level of the field with quickness to evade would be tacklers.

Hard to judge Barkley when he had a clean pocket pretty much the entire night and open receivers everywhere, made nice throws but I would expect almost any other QB to make the same ones.

Holmes had some serious trouble with Star early on, but did have a couple counters to him, and the double teams really helped out.

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I wonder where David Amerson stands to get drafted now. He's had a few rough games this year, getting beat deep and all.

Also, Tank Carridine, Florida State, and Michael Buchanan, Illinois, are a few pass rushers we might senselessly get our hopes up for come draft time

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