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Segment coming up on NFL live on Giants vs. Panthers, the injuries to the Giants, and Cam

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If you did not see it, here is the recap

-Starts with saying Eli Manning had a big game last week

- Giants not having Nicks, Hixon, Bradshaw, and Diehl for the game. Says all 4 are contributors and the short week bites the Giants.

-A blow for the Giants D not having all the Offensive contributors there and D has to step up to contain Cam and get pressure on him

-Giants must go from a high flying offense to a more balanced offense with the running game. Says Brown did good fill in work last week with Bradshaw going down.

-Says the key is going to be getting good field posistion for the Giants to win

-Switches to the Panthers offense. Week 1 was low rushing yards for Carolina but got back to what they did well last week with the option read.

-Says the option read causes misdirections with the D and leaves Cam and Dwill vs. 1 Defender.

Cam is said to be perfect at the fake handoff

-Carolina has figured out their identity

-Giants must figure out how to stop Cam

-Cam has most rushing yards by a QB since the start of the 2011 season

-Flips over to a press conference with Cam saying he will do whatever the team asks of him even if thats going to get other players water but hopefully it will be Gatorade

-Ends by saying Giants are 19th in the league in yards allowed per game at 370 and Brian Dawkins said it will be a tough game for the Giants

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I will say..that even though we beat NOLA this weekend the panthers are not getting much credit. Its been about what the Saints did wrong and their problems..and if we beat the Giants, its going to be about injuries. Its okay..more motivation for the guys i suppose.

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We need to find out identity?

I assume they were comparing our success in week 2 to week 1 and the Panthers have figured out what works for them.

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