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For those of you who think lack of talent is a problem

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 08:34 PM

Theres no doubt that we have talent in spots on the defense.

What i'm afraid we lack is discipline, execution and authority putting those players in position to make plays.

You can have all the talent in the world, but if you lack the latter three things, you are going to have a bad football team..

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 09:02 PM

The problem is that the talent we have is overpaid and all concentrated in the same area, which forces us to have starters on this team that probably wouldn't be on the two-deep for elite teams. Captain Munnerlyn, Josh Norman, Haruki Nakamura, probably Godfrey would be ST players on other teams. Then for the talent that we do have we way overpaid for it. Wpaid a DE 72 million bucks just so that we would have a starting DE. That is as much as Jared Allen is making...Jared freaking Allen. That is as much as Demarcus Ware is making....Those are guys who put up 15-17 sacks a season and completely dominate the LOS every play. Charles Johnson wouldn't be the best DL on half the teams in the league...yet we paid him 72 million bucks.

I could go on about Deangelo but I'm not because the argument has been beaten into the ground.

i can pick players off every other team in the leagues roster who would be special teams players for us too. No team is 100% stacked top to bottom, but the better the coaching the less you realize teams weaknesses.

Captain is playing nickel and doing fine there. Norman may be a rookie but he's playing as good as any corner can when playing 15 yards back and allowing that much cushion. not 1 receiving TD allowed on him yet and he's gone against 2 of the best qb's in the game.

Nakumara is meh, he has not done anything to make me him, can you point out 1 play where he really fuged us? Godfrey is unfairly asked to go against the likes of Jimmy Graham and spy on the run too. He's set up for failure.

Charles Johnson was the beneficiary of inflation. He's young and was coming off 2 impressive seasons with no help around him what so ever. Other teams including our rival Atlanta probably would have paid him close to what we did. I don't think Hurney said hey Johnson I know you only want 50 million but since I like you i'm going to jump that number up an extra 26 if you don't mind.

The going rate in todays inflation for the type of players you mentioned is 6 years 100 million(mario williams)

Players talent and production don't always go hand in hand. Case in point in 07 peppers only had 2.5 sacks. Sometimes its the coaches inability to use the players properly. He has also had other down years, it happens. Good coaches know how to get the most of their best players and can mask or at least minimize their teams weaknesses.

Bottom line is, look at all the upsets that happen every single week in the NFL. Its not just a war of the most talented teams, its how those players talents are used and every week you better be ready to do something different because countless hours and almost an entire week is spent prepping to expose the holes you have and limit your strengths.

Good news is I would never accuse Rivera of being too dumb to realize the error in his ways and probably needed a good old fashion ass whipping like the Giants gave us just to ensure that he will make the proper adjustments.

Let me also add this I am not foolish enough to think that we have a more talented roster than every team we face but theres no way in hell the Giants should have blown us out that bad. The players also need to be held accountable for their egregious amount of missed tackles and overall poor execution as well too. I am just not buying that this team is lacking that much in talent that we can't at least be competitive each week. In 2010 sure that could be the argument even as much as I had soured on Fox, not even Belicheat himself could have done much with a squad like that.

On paper we have improved from last year and I just want to see the results to coincide with that.

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 08:10 AM

that's a lot of crap to read.

the only stat that matters is 1-2.

i keep saying it...winning solves everything.

if and when the panthers start winning consistently, no one is gonna give a rat's butt who does what.

Na we lost prretty bad. People were upset last year after loses but that last the day of the game because we were always in them. We are losing now where we are upset for the entire week