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Cameron speaks

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Wow...the comment about Cam's eyes is all I need to know about your maturity level. The kid has a lazy eye and you're reading something negative into that also? Seriously..how old are you?? Cam does wear contacts you know.

No wonder you promote the bad behavior of your receiver, it's clear his attitude and arrogance is a reflection of folks like you. Cam has not shown any reason why you folks should be so concerned about his every move. The media is the one who went out of their way to paint Cam in a negative light and it seems no matter what he does, folks like you simple feel the need to find any reason to believe everything you're heard even if it isn't true.

Even worst is, some of you folks just seem to sit there and make ish up about this kid based solely on your own personal prejudices and paranoia and you believe it's cool. Seriously???

To think Cam's towel and lazy eye bothers you so much but not Smitty's bad attitude and temper on and off the field..No need to continue this conversation with you. You've showed me enough of your character.


What the fug is with this guy?

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My "crap" is only "stupid and ignorant" because you are to arrogantly blind to see that I am right. You make up 1001 threads to fix your QB but very little on how to fix the rest of your team when it's the team as a whole that has problems. Your O-line is like a house of cards that fall as soon as the opposing team moves. Your defense sometimes seem to be playing on a different level than their opponents, and you have a hot head receiver who sometimes hurt your team on and off the field with his antics but folks rather not lash out at him. You much rather project your disdain for his behavior onto your QB and label him as the one with the problem.

Your behavior towards Cam reminds me of a step-mother and her attitude towards her own vs. her step kids. Very heavy handed with your endless criticism of what he does. While willing to make endless excuses for those you more care for. Expect way more out of him than you do those you know you should.be harder on.

thread about coordinators sucking

thread about Ron not giving the team an identity

thread about Chud needs to run against the Falcons and stop making Cam pass every play

thread about an article saying Hurney has built a shitty roster

You are the one who is blind. There are 4 threads on the front page alone placing blame on everyone but Cam yet you still insist Cam gets the entire blame for the team. The fact you can't even show a single person who blames Cam for everything shows how ignorant your argument is.

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