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CRA's prediction - week 4

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record is a TEAM stat.....see the D and ST.

We averaged 20 pts a game last year against Atl....that isn't exactly shutting down a rookie lead read option. Atl averaged 31 and our D couldn't force one turnover in 8 quarters. Also means no short field opportunities....which teams thrive on. Look at Atl this year. There offense isn't going 80 yards for all those points.

Oh crap, I'm sorry, all this time I thought wins and losses were all that mattered. So, according to you, as long as Cam Newton, in your mind, is successful running the read option, all is good and you'll be okay with another 6-10 season, right?

Who gives a rat's a$$ if the Panthers "averaged 20 points a game last year against Atlanta?" They lost both games. And one of those they scored 23 unanswered in the first half and that was it- they still lost 30-23. So, yeah, I'd say the Atlanta D shut it down after seeing it for a half.

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    • To me this off-season it makes the most since to keep CAP or Foz if it comes down to those two. CAP may be average, but that's as a 1st and 2nd down back which CMC, & Whit are not at this point from a full time perspective.  CAP is the best option to maintain a physical runner in the event (likely-hood) Stewart has to miss a couple games as he tends to each season.  I think it's common sense at this point. If we look at Stewart for what he is ''right now'' aside from pass protection there is not '' a lot'' that really separates him from CAP in my opinion, a few years ago it was a bigger gap, but at this point in Stewart's career he's becoming just a power runner, CAP is the closest we have to that. 
    • Dummy, come on man.    Rivera and DG tanked that game for a high pick. You guys know nothing about running a team.    The question now is, do we as huddles think you're a decent poster anymore. Answer is "no".  
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