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Im done watching these games

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The coaching staff could give a poo about this team so why should I. We are a terrible team and if we are lucky we might win 6 this year. I hate to freak out but this team will never win this way and its just pisses me off every week. Im sorry but what you saw today was the best this team had to offer and it was not enough. We were lucky to even have it so close and gave it up just like last year. No player is going to change this team and make this defense or offense better. Its up to the coaches and they cant handle it.

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Offense and defense did fine overall. It came down to two plays. If Cam doesn't fumble, we win. But even with that, if Nakamura even PRETENDS to play football on EITHER of the two bombs that he was supposed to be in coverage on, we win. He gave up two deep balls, one was a TD, one set up the end of the game. If you want to point fingers, point it at Nakamura. Sure, he had the pick, but he's just not been playing that well in coverage and it showed today.

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Let's face it....A team cannot continue playing the type of game you folks are playing and expect to win. I see why our media don't scream at this team to do better like they do those teams who end up with their chosen QBs. They don't want to really see this team succeed outside of Smitty.

I've been saying it from last year, a team is as good as it's coaching. You cannot hang everything around the neck of your QB and expect to win games.

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These guys just put it all on the field and im proud of them, coaching staff and all.

Screw those who post this garbage. GTFO if you dont like what you see cus its what we have.

Should of had that game, against a team tht has pretty much been togrther for 4 years. Supposedly the cream of the crop.

We will win, we will dominate, its a matter of time.

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