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how long did the falcons have 6 OL on the field?

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rayzor    10,627

i was at the game guys.. they had 6 linemen in the game for at LEAST 25-30 snaps.. the refs were constantly saying 60 is an eligible reciever

good to know.

still sucks we weren't able to capitalize on them being without one more skill position on the field but i think this bodes well for our pass rush. not every team would be able to compensate for that loss of a skill position the way the falcons did.

i can't wait to see what we can do to that rookie midget throwing the ball in seattle with his receiving corps.

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Peppers90 NC    3,041

i saw on the close your eyes and throw up a prayer play they had about 7 olinemen, used a playaction and had only sent Jones and White deep with max protection. How they came up with that is embarrassing and pissing me off more each time I think about it.

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