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ASOIAF mod for Crusader Kings II

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I've played probably 40 hours of this out of the last 48, lol. It's similar to the Civ series but seems to be more about making storylines than just building armies and then fighting.

I started as Doran Martell. Cersei died of gonorrhea and Robert took Arianne for his wife, which screwed me because their son was a Baratheon but the heir of Dorne because of their succesion laws. So I was forced to poison my own grandson and make Quentyn my heir.

Then I put Olenna Tyrell on my council and had her fabricate a claim to the Iron Throne, at which point I went to war (The Reach joined me) and won it.

As King Doran I gave Dorne to Jaime Lannister, for lulz, because he helped during the war. Then every single year for the rest of the game Oberyn attacked him to try to take Dorne back.

It's so fun.


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Once Doran died, everyone hated the new King Quentyn just based on reputation, so it was impossible to do anything. I started over as the Daynes and I'm marrying my son to Daenarys Targaryen and making their kid the Sword of the Morning, who will be the most epic knight ever.

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