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Anthony Barr [SLB, WLB, TE, HB]

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This kid is out at UCLA right now and will either be in the 2013 or 2014 draft. Hopefully 2013


Anthony Barr

ucla -- 6'4 235

Multi-use Linebacker / H-back / Receiver

Top notch speed, strength, and athleticism

I know we're stacked at LB but this is the exact type of person you want to keep the Gronks and Grahams of the league in check imo plus he's had at least 1 sack every game this year.

He is the type you can throw anywhere from an end blitzer coming up to the line in our hybrid sets to safety

He has played WR, TE, HB, SLB, WLB in his career and has been improving his coverage abilities by playing on offense...the rest of his play is stellar. Basically, this is someone to keep an eye on.

Yes, I know we have other major holes but considering our coaching staff, this would be their most ideal player haha. Stack it up at HB & LB!


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7th rounder maybe. I hate players that they can't find one position for

He'll be gone before round 2 the rate he's at

He's doing great and has size...it seems he's found a knack on the defensive side...damn impressive this season. TD insurance and a guy to grow around Kuechly as Luke grows and moves into the MLB...and maybe use him a few times on offense at TE

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