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Jabari Parker

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thatlookseasy    607

Wow I didn't know a 17 year old kid deserve ridicule from butt hurt fans. Good job of supporting being a pos .

Not at all. Just pointing out that, you know, its the internet. There are lots of idiots who say stupid things. And now that he is about to be a big time college player, he is gonna get a hell of a lot more attention

Though to be honest, I thought he was complaining about it at first. Apparently its just some ESPN article about all the attention he got

I say good luck to the young man. He has some big shoes to fill as the first mormon on tobacco road since the legendary Stillman White

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toldozer    2,375

The stillman white? The single reason (according to the glorious mr. Touchdown) that the heels flat out suck this year? Parker might as well stay home.

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