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College offense is going to kill Cam's career....

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g5jamz    1,125

Simple question.

Does anyone believe the wildcat or a read-option offense will take our team to the playoffs/Super Bowl?

If not, why are we still running 5 weeks into the NFL regular season. If so, why isn't it succeeding. Need a different offensive skill set of players? If so...where and what.

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beastson    4,524

If we run that crap once on our first 2 drives, I'm turning the game off

In fact if we don't come out with a completely different look, a more opened up look I'm turning it off

At this point its about winning, but to me its about the coaches showing us something which they haven't

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scratchy1    22

LOL at the idea Cam can learn a true pro-style offense. He can't read a defense or go through progressions. Don't you guys realize what had to be done to get a playbook that he can execute? Why in hell do you think he doesn't review pics on the sidelines?

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Who Said What?    287

I want to know what happened at the point this past offseason when we decided to throw away one of the best, if not the best, base offenses in franchise history in favor of a college based system. What made Chud decide to do that? Why didn't anyone tell him "you know Chud, that might be a bad idea. There's a reason why it's a COLLEGE based system."?

Yeah, its not like Rivera is putting his stamp on the defense or something. He looks like he is not even involved with the Panthers. Chud does what he wants, and McDermott does too. Dan Henning was one of the most innovative OCs in the history of the league, but Fox was like we are gonna run that pill and do playaction. He fell in line. Chud needs his leash tightened.

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