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Kitten Kara...

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Guest Tom Cat

How long till a Panthers win so I can post her full pictorial?


hopefully before she gets any more tats

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I wish some folks, who don't have anything nice to say, would just keep their ***** opinions to themselves. This young lady has the guts to allow Zod to show pictures of herself to a bunch of random strangers, and some of the immature retards decide to come out of the woodwork.

There's been a few on here that didn't do much for me, but instead of being a dickbreath saying they were unattractive, I decided not to post anything, because I could see where others might feel differently, and they all had some feature that I liked - be it eyes, smile, whatever. So, please, grow the fug up and stop and use that tiny little pinhead of yours to think before posting next time.

If Kara is reading this thread, please don't let what a few guys who couldn't get a date through either payment or plastic inflation put you off in any way. Most of the guys here appreciate you sharing these photos, and think you're a very beautiful young woman. Thanks for being brave enough to do this.

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