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For Those of You That Can Sing

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And I'm not just talking about in the shower...I'm talking those of you that can make an honest living doing so or can sing live and not get boo'd off stage...this thread is for those of you that receive compliments on your voice and aren't afraid to sing in front of a group of people because you know you have "it."

Were you born with a strong voice, or did you have to work at it and train at it and practice? When did you know that you could sing? Are there ways to better your voice and turn someone who doesn't have the natural talent into a half decent singer?

I heard someone singing acapella tonight at a party and it was incredible. He knew no one around him, yet had the confidence to just sing his heart out without any music and it just blew everyone away...it was inspiring. I've always thought I could sing decently but never have had any formal voice lessons or a teacher. I don't want to be a singer for a living but I'd just like to be able to sing to myself and my family and have them appreciate it and actually see what talent may be hiding somewhere inside me.

I've heard a saying along the lines of "Everyone has singing voice, you just have to find that voice within the person..." Is their any truth to this?

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It's something you work with. At first I was terrible, when I was a kid. Now I'm decent enough to open up for bands at a local bar I go to at times. But you have to work at it. You can't be afraid to let it out. That's how you tune your ear and voice together. Karaoke is a good way to start. not kidding either.

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