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Ranking Panther Needs for 2013 Draft

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Right now, I would say our needs are as follows:

1. DT - Shifting Ron and Dwan (maybe resign?) do a depth/backup/mentor role and signing another decent body will strengthen the center of the defensive line.

2. SS/FS - Adding a young, stud safety is essential to rebuilding the secondary. Again, shifting Nakamura to a backup role is key here. Adding a FA safety and a top rookie would be ideal.

3. OT - We need to begin replacing Jordan Gross. I think we can get 1-2 more years out of him, but bringing in a replacement that he can teach will be important.

4 - DE - I love Alexander's talent, Keisier's motor and....Hardy's build, but we if we unload Johnson somehow, we should look to add a pass rush specialist at defensive end. If we keep Johnson, our next need is a receiver.

5. WR/TE - Take your pick. I think an heir for Steve is important over the next two years, but adding depth at TE is important too. I'd be happy with either, but another stud receiver could seriously strengthen the offense. I rather add a solid WR in free agency and draft a guard here.

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If our Defense can continue pressuring QBs like they have been lately, I think we should go WR in the first. I am loving our last draft with Frank Alexander/Luke/Norman on Defense.

1st: WR

2nd: FS

4th: OL

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For me it's:

1. OG

2. FS

3. CB

4. Pass Rushing DT

5. Vertical Thread WR

6. OT

7. OLB

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We have plenty of needs, it makes it hard to prioritize. But this is where i am.

OT (Gross is declining and we need his replacement before he retires so he can teach)

WR (Cam needs his Marvin Harrison who will be there and grow with him for a decade)

FS (Though I think S is usually easier to address in free agency than most positions)

OG (Again, free agency if there isn't a good prospect on the draft board)


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RG - We are struggling on the interior especially with Kallil out now.

WR - Our WRs are struggling to get open when faced with quality DBs.

FS - Nakamura and Martin doesn't cut it.

CB - Thomas and Norman has done a decent job. But captain is a FA & I'm not sure if Gamble'l be back.

OT - Need to bring in Gross's successor.

DT - Need some depth here. A stud like Star will do nicely.

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