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Pro Bowl Voting

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by the end of the year, Keek may have played himself into a spot. If steve can get a few touchdowns here, him too

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no panthers should be in the pro bowl this year.

that's fine by me because i don't want any panthers in that meaningless game anyway.

guys go and it becomes salary problems in the future because they can now say that they are pro bowlers and deserve more money.

agents go on the prowl trying to steal players and players from other teams try and talk players into leaving their teams. not a god place for the discontented player.

to much of a chance that a key player will get hurt by some other player trying to make a statement...and if you don't think that happens, watch what happened to cam when he got on the field. AFC defense pushed a lot harder than anyone else.

you aren't being a bad fan if you don't vote for players on your team.

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