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Davidson Deac II

Regardless of how the election turns out

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stirs    6,538

Im afriad this one is going to make Bush/Gore look like a smooth and efficient election.

With all of the problems in the NE anyone who thinks this is going to be over quickly is simply kidding themselves.

Fax and email in your ballot? You must be joking NJ. No chance for fraud there...

NJ and NY will go Obama, so the local stuff is all that will be contested

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Davidson Deac II    4,362

There is a slight, but real possibility that this one could end up being decided in the House of Representatives. That would be a fascinating thing to watch, although I think we would see a lot of angry democrats since the republicans control the house.

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FurdTurgason    79

I wasn't going to vote today. It would take a miracle for Romney to lose Kentucky so I figured why bother, especially since I had to work from 10 until 6. So I go to work and the doors are closed. The owner HATES Obama. Every day he's putting some anti Obama poo up in his store. The sign on the door said something about the bank taking too much money out of their account but I guarantee you this guy is shutting down the doors until he's sure Romney wins. If Obama wins, it's gone for good.

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