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If the Panthers end up a top five defense......

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For me any who, Rivera is headed in the right direction. I just happen to think he was being to timid. Trying not to make mistakes instead of being himself. Second guessing himself just wasn't working. If he keeps improving, he will be just fine.

I did not see this defense coming I will admit. Most were just hoping it could keep us in the game. Not allow us to win the games. Nice turnaround.

I have been saying for a while. Someone needed to get Chud back to OC not fantasy. If we run a big boy offense we can be a good football team.

We were excited about the future when the season started. That did not last long for some folks. After the last few weeks folks are starting to see a real football team. So for me. I don't neccessarily believe our new GM will automatially fire Rivera. If we continue to improve he will be safe. If we struggle, he could be in trouble. But there are a lot of factors in play.

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Oline coach has been great IMO

Disagree, though I'll admit personnel could be as big an issue as coaching in that area.

Wouldn't mind having Juan Castillo on board. And if Andy Reid is out in Philly, Bobby April likely comes available too.

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Got off on a tangent before I even got started. All this quiet up in here has me confusioned.

At this time, right now, as in today. Chud, in my mind, is the only one that needs to be taken into the office and have a talking to. I understand that our Oline is in flux. But you don't need a great Oline to run a big boy offense. Especially with Cam as the center piece.

Not every running play is a big gainer. But you still have to stick with it which DWill proved. We still scare people with our rushing attack. Use that fear against them like we have been doing. A lot more 2 TE sets. Actual running plays, More slants and crossing routes. And still had the ability to go deep without any repurcussions. So our line is doing their job.

I agree with the sentiment that Chud has costs us too much this year. And unless he gets his butt outta whatever butt it's up. He should be replaced.

Back to back rants. The wife just went to bed so I guess I have all this pent up wordage I don't normally get to use.

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Rivera either stays as HC or he's out. Keeping him around would just mean lots of needless headaches for the next guy. Don't want a split locker room or a DC who's bitter at the HC for taking his job.

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HOLY poo

I had to find a random thread about our defense to say this but I was looking at some stats and Dwan Edwards is SECOND in DT production, next to only Probowler Geno Atkins.

I was also able to find out that there isn't another team in the NFL that can say they have 2 players in the top 15 in sacks. (We actually have 3 in the top 25...with Dwan coming in at 23..)

And I had to smirk when I saw that Julius Peppers is tied with Dwan, in sacks.

We probably don't praise this guy enough..but the emergence of Edwards has really made an impact on this defense!

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