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Prime Example of Terrible Coaching

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rayzor    10,791


tampa has the best run D in the league but also the worst passing defense in the league.

so what do we do? not just run it...but tell everyone we are going to COMMIT to the run and then basically telegraph our intentions every time we plan on running.

makes sense.

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jayflip    4,395

That last offensive drive was bad. Run up middle for no gain. Designed QB sneak with11 yards to go for a loss.

Chud made every remaining panther fan do a collective face palm with those calls yesterday.

The worst was countless times we'd get a positive gain on first using a pro set. Then he'd call an option play for negative yards putting us in an obvious passing distance on 3rd.

We watched the game with a non-panther fan. He left out of frustration due to inept offensive play calling, and he's not evens panther fan!

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