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Bet you can't guess who he voted for a couple weeks back

But, hey, we hear that there is a rich guy somewhere who needs to pay more, let's get him!

It is not hard to understand that nobody wants to pay more in taxes with this crap going on. Libs can spout poor this, hungry that, but at the end of the day, we are not fighting tax increases which would help the poor. We fight tax increases because the libs are buying this guys vote with the tons of "free" money they are sending him and many others around the country. This is not race based as it is "free" money to all who would take it.

Just sign up and on election day, remember who has your back.

Whatever, you guys know this already. And the reason Zod posted was just to fire up the loser conservatives here. Be careful what you want..

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Didn't say he did/did not vote for Obama, just that since we have the welfare president...odds are gimme culture will do nothing but grow.

I would be willing to guess he is an Obama voter though. 96% odds.

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