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Sandy Island: this place either disappeared or never existed

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those crazy guys at Dharma Initiative again

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probably never existed... Most likely someone at Google or wherever Google gets info from having a little joke... Kinda like carving your name on a bench or a tree trunk...

On state printed NC road maps, there is a town name in the mountains that doesn't really exist... It was a guy's name that worked on the maps at some point and threw it in there... I don't think it has ever been taken out and continues to be printed today...

Can't remember then name off the top of my head, but can look it up when I get my hands on a map...

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    • I hope not because I wouldn't have a clue how to pronounce his name. Is that an L or an I? 
    • I would love Tarik, balled out at my alma mater. Would be great for him to be a panther.  
    • some people are assholes for their own benefit. like yeah i believe you were a bowtie boy and i believe you logic'd yourself into affirmative action bake sales and such but to me there is a fundamental difference between a person who is just wrong and a person who harbors terrible beliefs from which they stand to gain. yeah i ridicule both but imo there's being a smug dork calling for an end to minimum wage and there's literally blaming victims of rape for their rape. i would leave my sister/wife/daughter in a room with college republicans because like what are they gonna do, impose a flat tax on them? but the type of person who says "well what did she expect? men have their hormones you know..." is someone who has probably had some uh...questionable sexual encounters. and yeah i know you tried to draw a parallel between yourself and arsen wrt the specific topic at hand but it seems like you were trolling and dumb whereas this dude's literally going into biological justifications for rape. convert the willing sure but nothing he has posted leads me to believe he is willing.