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Did Anonymous Stop Karl Rove Election Theft Attempt?

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I hadn't heard about this until very recently, but it seems at least very plausible to me that this could have happened.

Basically, Anonymous claims the Romney campaign's "ORCA" system that was supposed to be a high-tech system to organize poll workers was actually a system funded by Karl Rove/American Crossroads to hack electronic voting booths in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida and steal the race for Romney.

They also claim to have hacked into Rove's system and prevented them from rigging the vote. They use specific numbers - for example, whoever was working to hack the machines tried to crack the Anonymous firewall password 105 times without success.

I don't know if this is even true, but if it is it would explain Rove's meltdown on Fox on election night and some of the republicans who were predicting a Romney win despite the polls that favored Obama.

It is worth noting, though, that Obama would have won even without those 3 states considering he won Colorado.

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Highly unlikely.

Anonymous = a bunch of script kiddies that launch ddos attacks. Not exactly the most sophisticated form of attack.

Just look at their attacks on Israel due to the recent conflict. They defaced Microsoft websites in Israel. Its the internet equivalent of spray painting graffiti on walls. Not exactly something that will cause any real impact.

Anonymous, the loose coalition of hackers waging war on Israeli Web sites, is the least of Israel’s cyber problems. Its campaign against Israel is a minor annoyance compared with a wave of cyber attacks that have hit the country over the last year from Iran and Gaza.

The campaign, which hackers have dubbed #OpIsrael, is essentially the digital equivalent of a business getting hit with graffiti; it is a costly nuisance, but eventually databases can be recovered, messages removed and sites come back online. Israeli officials say the vast majority of the hacking efforts over the last week on government sites have been unsuccessful, with the exception of one site that went “wobbly for a few minutes,” the Israeli finance minister, Yuval Steinitz, told reporters, before recovering.

If Rove were planning such a thing (and he would be the least likely to try it given the publicity his name attracts), then I would hope that security would be a little better than than to allow a group like these guys to stop it.

Them announcing that they "stopped Karl Rove" seems like a cry for attention, ie look at us, see how cool we are. :)

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if true, they should make their findings open and public to push for full prosecution (for whatever good it would do). meanwhile, the most damning evidence of election fraud still remains in philly

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not really buying it but it's a hell of a lot more plausible than "Obama watched Americans die so he could somehow get elected" and whatever other crap theories the right have out there.

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