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SZ James (banned)

Petition to bring back Neg Rep

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on a serious note

1. use the report button

2. don't abuse the report button

3. don't confuse your general dislike for a poster with violation of teh rules

4. mods can't ip ban, only kurb, zod, and scrum can.

5. mods are real people who can't necessarily babysit you fools and cater to your every bickerfest every moment of the day within 30 seconds of any misstep

6. Pecan pie is still the best pie

7. I think I'm about to get lucky in a few minutes

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The rules are usually handled in an extremely inconsistent and slowpoke manner.

It took forever to nut up and finally ban grits. As of now I am confident in this boards ability to police itself better than it is being moderated currently.

This is the chemo.

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