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Who will be the Next head coach for the panthers

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Come on guys don't be assholes. If the guy was intentionally trolling then it would be open season but he's probably never been on the site before.

To be honest OP, there are 1000 names floating around and everyone has a different one in mind. The fans don't really have a clear consensus right now, although the name Chip Kelly seems to come up a lot along with Jon Gruden and Andy Reid and a lot of people talking about Bill Cowher. All the other names don't have quite as big a bandwagon but they are there nonetheless. So at this point your question can't really be answered completely. I guess we just have to put our faith in whoever JR and the consultant decide to hire for new GM. To be honest, I think the GM hire is more important than who will be the next coach. If we can hit a home run on our new GM, everything else should fall into place.

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