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Wisconsin Bielema to head up Arkansas

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arkansas has a much higher ceiling than wisconsin

ambitious coaches want to be with the best, going to the SEC is always an upward move unless you are coming from the NFL

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    • It has to do with how these systems are broken and really defeats the supposed purpose for they are designed
    • I've done it. Of course it was 8 am and I had been drinking since about 8pm and I was drunk as fug but ya know. I had a 1/2 gallon of OJ for my leisurely outing with a little bit of 151 added to it. Needless to say, I was thrown off the course by 8:10. 
    • These big lumbering WR that can't break tackles require too many targets to be productive.  The guys like Samuel and McCaffrey will provide a bigger punch and will be more efficient because they can make guys miss and take it home.  Take away all the targets and KB is just a possession receiver not a #1WR. He is unable to consistently break tackles like a smaller #89 or his own QB who is great at breaking tackles. To me Funchess is the better of the two. It is indeed time for these guys to prove it. They are too big to not get YACs.