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71 Years Ago

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Guest Tom Cat

It was definately a different time - really compared to today a different world. I dont think this country could get it together enough these days to save the world from despots like we did 70 plus years ago. Those folks were a special breed coming out of the hard scrabble life of the depression.

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I took my Mom to Hawaii in 1993. She always wanted to go and could never get my Father to take her. (I'm glad i did, she passed away in 1994 a little over a year later.)

We had to wait for almost 2 hours, while Bill & Hill (Bill and HIllary Clinton) placed a giant wreath honoring the men who lost their life that day. The biggest thing that struck me was that there were more Japanese toursts at the memorial than Americans!

One of our tour group commented they they wondered if they were there to admire thair handiwork.

At the time I was heavily into paramilitary activities. (After Desert Storm and prior to Bosnia.) I remembered a t-shirt inthe back of SOF magazine.

"A-Bomb! Made in America by lazy workers, Tested in Japan!"

When we finally got to go out to the memorial. I asked the Park Ranger about requests to bury sailors who had served on the Arizon and aren't they allowed to be buried with their crew mates. Everyone on our tour group looked at me like I had 2 heads for asking that. He said they Park Rangers divers store them in the forward hull accessed through the #1 turret.

My Mom, who tought History, asked how I knew that. I told her. It was an episode of Magnum PI! (See what a mis-begotten youth watching TV will get you!)

God Bless all who serve or served!

Also God Bless Elvis Presley. If it weren't for him, the Arizona Memorial may have never been built! He did a concert while filming "Blue Hawaii". Donated all the money from the concert to help build the Memorial!

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While we're on the subject. Has anyone else seen the Olvier Stone documentary series on this? It airs on Showtime.

I have, thought it was great and it wasn't the perspective I got in World History class in HS either.

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