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I woke up this AM with an extra set of pants on

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I am alone

No you aren't

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Are they your pants? If not, send a pair my way mr. pants fairy.

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    • Sunday I was too annoyed and busy to post reasons he was wrong, by Monday he was telling everyone bye. Lol Honestly I think that was the most outraged I've ever gotten about anything on this forum. Even more than someone saying Jake Delorme sucks, back in 04 lol Its kind of mind-boggling someone who can read and write was truely blaming the girl for being rape. 
    • NFL Network is showing the Carolina / Giants game from our 2015 season.  I'm just watching the tail end where Beckham scored on Norman and it showed Cam's "I got this" nod. Man, what a great drive.  In 2015, we simply played with more urgency, hunger, and the drive to be the best. Cam had the confidence because everyone was playing as hard as they could.   Going into 2017, if this team can get hungry again, they are going to be fun to watch!  The more I think about it, the dominance of that team wasn't some kind of magic, but rather in will.  They would not be denied. The good news is that they can find the motivation again.  Nothing special.  I know we're all in draft mode, but I'm feeling pretty excited for the season.  I think our team will come back motivated!