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I don't give a fug if we win out, get into the playoffs, and win the Superbowl 58484 to 0..

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Yeah If we win the next three then Rivera HAS to stay. This team is clicking right now and I think they finally have it figured out. I think if we keep Rivera we will be very successful next season. If we get rid of him and bring in another new guy, whose to say the new guy won't suck. Not to mention have to start all over again. That could set us back several more seasons. I think we are right on the brink of turning it around and changing everything again just to please the fans would be idiotic.

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The idea that a professional coach in his first stint would purposely sabotage the team whose record determines whether he goes or stays after all it took for him to get his first coaching job is beyond ridiculous. So lets just stop that whole garbage, you are beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist. You assume that he didn't do anything until Hurney was gone as if that might be under his control. Did you consider that maybe Richardson finally gave him the ability to make his own fate by getting rid of Hurney? It makes just as much sense.

Secondly most of your premises are not rooted in any kind of fact. Did Rivera call any plays or does he even know enough to call the plays?? So who let Cam hang out to dry? Secondly, word in the organization was that Newton couldn't read defenses so they couldn't give him all the plays and variations until he was ready which appears to be happening now. He was not audiblizing (sp) because they didn't think he could do it very well. Lately he has gotten much better.

Martin was awful last year and everyone felt Nakamura was an upgrade. It wasn't until the Atlanta game and afterwards that we saw how bad he was in coverage and Martin hasn't been much better.

Secondly, Kuechly wasn't in all the time because they had to know that he knew where to be on all the plays and felt Beason was better early. As Kuechly grew and learned in practice, his role on the field expanded especially when Beason went down.

Adams didn't play in a game until he showed he wasn't going to fumble in practice, which he continued to do, well after the bye. Has he fumbled in a game since he got back in? Then maybe their formula worked.

Again we can't go back and forth all day with your loose speculations and my explanations about why they did what they did. In the end I am not going to change your mind so I won't waste any more time in that arena. But I don't agree at all with your baseless speculations and doubt most knowledgeable Panther fans will either. To assume that a coach would purposely keep star players out of the lineup or handicap players on purpose to somehow showcase a "one man show" is paranoid at best and delusional at worse.

There's good reason to say Rivera borderline sabotaged the season. For one, he didn't change the offensive playcalling until people were crying for his head. Now tell me if you are the HC, and you see your team get their butts handed to you on national tv versus the Giants, would you not change up the playcalling to what worked in 2011? Why run away from what worked? Is that not sabotaging or trying to fix what's not broken?

Again you have two of the better running backs in this league. They barely touch the ball more than 15 times combined for the better part of the year. (And I'm think I'm being lenient when I say 15. I'm sure if I looked at the stats, they probably averaged less combined carries than that) Is that not sabotaging? These guys are prime runners, what's the deal by not giving them the ball?

People weren't that excited for Haruki Nakamura. We were hoping he had something to offer after sitting behind Ed Reed for so long. Yet in preseason, he sucked. He did nothing to earn the starting role. Many of us said to let Sherrod start for now, but Rivera let Nakamura have the job. After sorry play from the beginning, and after the Falcons blow up, he should have been benched. What was Rivera's response? He continued to start him. Is that not sabotaging the team? Having a guy that can't cover nor tackle as the last line of the defense for our secondary out there?

Whether Rivera dealt with playcalling on the offense or not, he is the head coach. He's weak if he let Chud run away with things. I even remember one of Rivera's early speeches about finding coordinators for our team, that he would pretty much handle the defensive side of the ball, and oversee the offensive side. I'll try to find video on that. So even if Chud called the sorry plays of the read option this year, that is still Rivera's responsibility because as HC, you have final say. This read option killed our running game, stats prove it.

As far as Joe Adams is concerned. Who cares if he dropped two returns against the Giants. That's no reason to bench our best returner for most of the year. Bench him one game if you must, but most of the year? He could have put this offense in good position throughout the season. Yet Rivera thought it was good to have "two left feet" Munnerlyn return punts.

I said from the beginning to put Kuechly in the middle. He's a top ten pick, get the most out of him. I know Beason is better in the middle, but he can also play outside as well. Not only did Rivera put Kuechly in an unfamiliar position, he kept him off the field for most of the snaps. Forget about Kuechly not being in the right place in terms of coverage, and he was still learning in that area. Who cares. Let him learn on the field. Taking him off, and rushing other guys in (Davis and Anderson) messes everybody's rhythm up. Let the boy play. Rivera didn't do this until Beason got hurt. If Beason was able to struggle and play for the whole season, Kuechly probably wouldn't have gotten 80 tackles this year if that.

Did Rivera intentionally sabotaged the season? Mabye not, but he did anyway. I could have coached this team better in two ways. I would have had the right guys out there playing, and I would have this offense utilize it's star players. All of them, and not just Cam.

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Hell, even Seifert got 3 years. You clowns better get used to the idea of RR coaching this team next year. It's happening.

Seifert had 2 super bowl rings as a head coach before that and if rivera wins out this year seifert will have won 2 more games in his first 2 years than rivera.

I think the 2 rings were a valid reason for seifert to have a longer leash than rivera.

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No the NFL/officials made the Chiefs look like a playoff team. Don't be fooled.

Officials didn't make Brady Quinn look like Tom Brady. Just saying.

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