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The NFL Shield At Midfield

100% unedited comments from App State fans re: the Chargers game

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4Corners    2,039

Guys come on. Give the App "fans" a break.

They have been locked in their apartments smoking terrible weed playing halo 2 for a month. They probably haven't shaved and FYI app fans - a kashi bar isn't a substitute for toothpaste.

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I love my school but I hate my fans sometimes...

i'm an app state alum and love mountaineer football. the gameday atmosphere there is great-intimate and immediate because of the small venue but still raucous and loud. the fans are reasonably knowledgeable and seem to know their team pretty well as college fans go.

get these guys talking about the pro game though, and you inevitably see crazy poo like this. i mean i can understand having your black and gold homer glasses riveted to your face and all but seriously? cam has been more or less the second best quarterback in the league for a few weeks and you're talking benching him?

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Chaos    8,367

Another App alum here, but I can honestly say that I am wise enough to appreciate the level of an acceptable homer for your small-school guys to make it to the big stage (did anyone see that ridiculous TD grab by Quick for the Rams last week??!111?!!), however I also have a firm grasp on reality and Panthers fandom and App fandom do not intersect.

I thought Steve Smith was going to beat up our boy Corey "Michigan game saver" Lynch against the Chargers. lol

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The_Mango55    664

As an App fan (Grad school, so they are my 2nd team after NC State) I've always liked Armanti and hoped he would do well here, but I've always thought he would make a better 3rd string or wildcat QB than return man. I would rather see him out there at QB than Pickles at least. Certainly I thought he was a reach in the 3rd round but that was marty's mistake not Armanti's.

And as a reciever I always thought he could be pretty good as a poor man's Welker.

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