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My wife loved it, I didn't pay much attention to it. Maybe I should play through it now....

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It's a minimalist game in which there is no speaking, and only a couple abilities - and very little interaction. The goal is to reach the top of a mountain and it plays out more like moving art than a video game. The soundtrack even got nominated for an Emmy.

It's only 2-3 hours long, and you can get it off the PSN for $10 or $15.

What makes the ending so cool (and I will put it in spoilers for those who haven't played it) is:

While I say there is 'little interaction', you find yourself journeying up the mountain with nameless, voiceless other journeyman throughout the game. You can only communicate with a song note. The first time you play through, you think the developers put them there to aid you/show you how to move on in the journey. End game. Roll credits. As the last credits roll (doesn't take long) it shows you a list of the gamertags of the players that you encountered along the way. You were journeying with other real people who were playing at the same time. Such a unique concept.

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