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Patterson or Hopkins?

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Indeed. He's got the "wiggle" as they say. That's a good way to spot a good player.

I was watching a video earlier tonight and the thing that stuck out the most is his vision with the ball in his hands. He was making cuts before the defender he was juking even knew what had happened. It's like he can anticipate their angle before they even attempt a tackle.

Take a look:

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Good thread

I think this draft may at first seem like it doesn't have a strong 1st round wideout class but that really may not be the case. Yeah, there's no obvious superstar a la Calvin or AJ Green which are hard to come by anyways, but there is a ton of NFL ready talent imo with the first 8 or so WR prospects. I'd even include Cobi Hamilton, Jake Matthews, and Quinton Patton on a 2nd round watch list.

Patterson's ceiling is ridiculous imo. Once he gets the ball, he's gonna wreck sh*t up. All he needs to do is sure up some fundamentals and he could be damn good. I defintiely see him being a 1st rounder.

Hopkins' bowl performance no doubt will push him up draft boards and it's hard not to imagine once the combine and workouts roll around anything that would prevent him from rising.

Include Austin, Allen, & T. Williams and all of those prospects can easily go in the first. Add the fact in that our new GM may want to do something interesting with his first ever draft pick and I think Patterson & Hopkins actually could make as much sense at 14 as Allen (who is the most well rounded wideout imo). Call me crazy

Just remember how wild things can get on draft day and how many rankings and projections can be off of what teams actually do

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Patterson is ridiculous, but i see a lot of mocks saying 2nd rounder. Would he really be worth 14 overall??

It's January 4th..

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Yeah, it's a safe bet that Patterson will be a viable top-10 pick by April. I fully expect him to light up the combine and his pro day. He could even sneak into top-5 consideration, though there doesn't appear to be a team that is in need of a WR that bad until the Dolphins pick.

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