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This defense has a chance to be special with a safety.

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thunderraiden    820

If we get a safety just imagine how complete our defense would be as a unit? I know we don't have studs at DT but we are still one of the best teams in the league with just 4 man pressure thanks to Hardy, Alexander, and Johnson. I mean just imagine how scary our D is going to be next year if we get a 2TD lead on anyone in the league? Even Aaron Rodgers would have trouble trying to pass on our D with 7 always able to drop back (and Gamble would be back hopefully we would have a second safety that can play so we cannot give up Hail Mary catches to people like RODDY WHITE) to cover 5 sometimes 4 because of needing max protection. I don't know about you but I can live til next year without having to go through the growing pains of watching a rookie O-lineman/D-lineman.

An expensive O-line really wouldn't be that cost-effective for a player like Cam anyways. Even if we have the best o-line in football he would still be running away from them on some plays negating their price tag. I think all we need is a Safety in the first, WR in Free Agency, Nose Tackle in the 2nd round. AND THE BEST fuging KICKER WHO EVER THE fug IT IS, I DONT CARE WHAT ROUND. Two (2) rookie kickers dominating the league this year and we have "No Gano."

Oh consider this me being in Camp Safety for who I want in the draft. I unlike most people don't really think missing a stud DT hurt us this year in wins as much as missing a safety and having to play 10 v 11 all year hurt us.

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Ken    1,311

Our DT position needs to improve. Our CB position looks solid if Gamble comes back healthy.

We are about 3-4 players short of being sure fire Top 10 D. Hopefully our new GM nails the draft & FA.

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Fan01    552

We've got really good DE's but what really give them that edge is when we've gome some push in the middle. One on one Johnson and Hardy are elite. Dwan Edwards is good but is 31. The other Edwards has hit that too old/injured all the time status. This is a pretty good draft for DT.

I want DT,S,WR or OT in the draft.

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Doughboy88    34

Matt Elam looks okay tonight, nothing special so far.

Starting to show some skills now. Just read about him for the first time earlier. He is definitely the best player on the field. I'm guessing he is a high 2 or low 1st rounder.

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