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Matt Ryan, get off YOUR field.

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Reaction from a Falcon fan on their boards, whom I take it is the Falcon's forum version of our Zod.

"Thanks for absolutely nothing.

You suckwads wasted my season.

You wasted Tony's last season.

You wasted a fantastic opportunity.

You couldn't hold a 20 point lead.

You couldn't hold a 17 point lead.

You couldn't cover a tight end.

You couldn't mount a pass rush.

You couldn't take advantage of a kid making his 10th start: he schooled you.

You played tight: you played afraid.

You absolutely betrayed every one of us fans.

I don't really know why, and you really don't deserve it, but I'll be here rooting in vain for you next year."

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oh well......the horseshoe fell completely out of their dirty turd asses.....mike smith can take his smug,

condescending ass on vacation for a nice long break=====couldn't happen to a more asshole fanbase or arrogant taem........GO NINERS

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