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2012-2013 year in review, otherwise known as "seriously Chud, WTF"

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#13 Doc Holiday

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 08:57 AM

Many, myself included, would argue Cam is more responsible for the back to back top 10 offenses moreso than Chud.

I would say that Chud is a brilliant offensive mind, but I'd also say he tried to get too cute this past season and that greatly hindered the Panthers offense and directly contributed to the 2-8 start.

I would agree with the start but he went away from that after week 4 and Chud did a great Job of focusing the offense around Cam's strengths, and pushed it away from his weaknesses, like any good OC should. The it's all Cam crap is just complete BS fans think up.

Kinda like the wholeJake Delhomme only looked good because of Smith thing, since that crap started we all saw how Smith looked with other QB's throwing at him(before Cam) and after that those that said it couldn't say it anymore because it was clearly not the case, it was a combination between the two.

Truth is always somewhere in the middle, it's not all Chud, but it aint all Cam either.

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:41 AM

damn shame they only used it once.


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Posted 26 January 2013 - 06:00 AM

the People that are hating on Chud for some reason expect all plays to be positive all the time, the Other team plays the game too and I always find it so amusing how so many fans don't understand this, and I mean truely don't.

Chud, is arguably the best OC the Panthers have ever had(back to back 10 ten offenses) and you guys wanted him gone? just goes to show you how out there a lot of fans are totally not based in reality . well guys enjoy Shula maybe next time you will think twice about wanting the OC gone when he's actually doing a pretty good Job.

After a month of listening to player and coaching interviews I think most of the blame for our offensive demise lay on Rivera who admits to not knowing how to coach and Cams lack of maturity,growth, and leadership until the light came after it was too late. Chud also served up his fair share of bone headed plays but Rivera let him do it.

Everyone interviewed says Cam was different player the last half of the season so hopefully he made that turn toward greatness.

My guess is our roster will be decimated with cap casualties so Rivera better be able to do more with less