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Why the government really doesn't care about dangerous weapons...

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So rather than repeat what I've said over and over in the gun threads and never change any anti-gun freedom person's mind, I figured I'd take the opportunity to point out the double standard our wonderful government presents in their usual public facade.

The real weapons destroying this country are still out there. They are readily accessible to anyone who wants them. Get all you want, whenever you want, however you'd like to get them.

Want to use your religious and spiritual compass to guide everyone else's personal lives? Ban same-sex marriage. Ban abortion. Tell someone else what they can do behind closed doors and with their own bodies. Kill 'em all. Anyone different. Let God sort 'em out!

Need your fix on some kind of carcinogen packed consumable? Buy you some cigarettes or fast food. Never mind that poo we allow to be constantly pumped into our air and water supplies. Never mind climate change and don't worry about mankind's impact on it.

Feeling great today? How about you do us a favor and come down with one of the many diseases and some kind of thing we can diagnose as a disorder so that we can get you pumped up on some chemical that we can sell you.

Can't find anything on TV? Let's see what some random people that got rich somehow and basically just ***** themselves to the highest bidder tabloid are up to. Oh, have you heard the latest gossip? Entertainer/public figure X just broke up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend while on an outing spending $15,000 on a designer handbag. Did you hear that that one chick got into another public incident while on probation yet gets another slap on the wrist because they are "somebody?"

Welcome to America!... the land where we can't treat everyone equally... the land where we gladly poison ourselves and others on a daily basis... the land where fist pumping and promiscuity are considered entertainment... the land where we say "God bless you" but only really mean it if you think Jesus Christ is your personal lord and savior, and you're not ***** or somethin'... the land where poverty doesn't matter, until the government starts taxing me more!...

There isn't really a whole lot of evidence that the first AWB did anything to curb violence, at least that I've found. There's actually more evidence that Americans in general are slowly becoming less violent. But you won't hear much of that, because it isn't sensational or attention grabbing. This means it isn't profitable information.

This new legislation won't really change anything for me, as I don't own any assault weapons (well, I suppose I could assault someone with any number of objects), and I'll just do my best not to comply with anything else introduced that I deem unreasonable in the future. I'll continue to be a responsible gun owning citizen, and carry on about my business.

I just wish we'd tackle the real problems of "modern" American society.

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America = pure hypocrisy. Everything about our society and its accepted norms are completely backwards from how it should be. Land of the ignorant; slaves; hopeless & mindless consumers. We're about as anti-humanitarian as it gets these days. Schools are designed to keep the masses ignorant, while teaching them how to follow orders and regurgitate garbage doctrine. Religion is designed to control those through fear, while snubbing everyone else who has different views. Lawyers and the court system destroys justice, while enabling criminal activity especially in the white collar arena. Doctors destroy health. The department of defense is the department of offense - murdering millions upon millions across the globe over the years. The world we live in is absolutely insane. Those who control the country seek their own selfish ends at the expense of the planet, the environment, and all its inhabitants. They have the country stuffing their faces with absolute garbage. The obesity levels are completely disgusting, not to mention all the cancer that comes with it. The biggest killers on the planet are the corporations/government/military. Because of them we have genocide, widespread disease, poverty, homelessness, racism, starvation.

I am always a glass half full type of person...but these truths cannot be denied and must be addressed. We are doomed as far as our future is concerned, unless something is done about it, and soon.

But yes..excellent post Bronn. You are 100% spot on, and indeed it needed to be said.

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