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If you haven't heard of Ron Fricke you basically need to watch Baraka, Chronos, and Koyanniqatsi(?)

Ron Fricke is an American film director and cinematographer, considered to be a master of time-lapse photography and large format cinematography. He was the director of photography for Koyaanisqatsi (1982) and directed the purely cinematic non-verbal non-narrative feature Baraka (1992). He designed and used his own 65 mm camera equipment for Baraka and his later projects. He also directed the IMAX films Chronos (1985) and Sacred Site (1986).

Samsara is his latest one and I'm glad to finally watch this streaming.


This is all dope as fug ^

Phillyb get in here

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damn, that dude is incredible.

far and away my biggest weakness as a photographer is that i'm terrible at shooting people. they are far and away the most interesting subjects (besides cats duh) and i've always been squeamish about photographing them candidly (which generally is the best way to capture daily life.) i want to get into time lapse, too. that poo is awesome.

seeing that kind of work reminds me how far i still have to go.

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It was good. Certainly one of those things you want to see in the theater.

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yep just watched it

fuging epic

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    • Destiny really fuged me in terms of me playing other games. I have a week off this summer and maybe I will be able to dive back in, but I'd really like to finish Breath of the Wild too.  Witcher is so much fun, but iirc I'm kind of at a point where all my quests are a much higher level than me (like 30s and I'm a 15 or something). I probably need to back track and pick up a bunch of side quests that are manageable to boost my level some.    I like the Witcher's lore better than Skyrim, but I still think Skyrim is a more appealing game to me just because you can casually pick it up and start dominating. Witcher is more rewarding but takes more time. 
    • No way would I consider CAP a lock to make the roster. In fact, I think he may be on the outside looking in at the moment. But, the stats bear out that he was roughly equal to Stew in effectiveness last year. Stew averaged 3.78ypc and a TD once every 24 carries. CAP averaged 4ypc and a TD once every 18 carries. Hell, it may be generous saying that Stew was equal to CAP in effectiveness last year. I think a lot of Panthers fans suffer from nostalgia when looking at Stew. I still think he's a decent RB, but to hear some Panthers fans talk you'd think that the guy was a future HOFer. I feel like most of us (myself and the front office and coaching staff included) have perpetually overvalued Jonathan Stewart.
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