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Panthers ranked 27th at offensive line per PFF

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build that offensive line first. then other positions. you cant win without the big guys up front.

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DT's that play the 1 tech are anything but playmakers, and that's our biggest d-line need. They just take up space so others can make plays.

As to the right side of the o-line, my preferred approach (signing a FA guard and drafting a tackle) still allows us to draft a playmaking WR in the 1st or 2nd round, while also obtaining our future starting LT, arguably the 2nd highest value position behind only QB.

Take a look at what kind of players most teams have playing the nose. The vast majority were not high draft picks, because those role players are not that highly valued, especially in a 4-3 defense. As to DB's, how many around the league are true playmakers? Very few.

The true playmakers are WR's, QB's, DE's, and RB's. We're pretty good at 3 of those positions.

Getting a DT to pair with Dwan is a must. Our Dline suffered whenever he went out. Ron is okay, but missed too many snaps and should be a cap casualty. No other DT was worth a poo. We were better with our DE rotating inside on passing downs, But we absolutely need another competent DT.

There are a lot of teams with DT talent out there right now. Both SB teams have good starting DTs. They are still important for a good D. But finding good DT talent is more difficult than finding RG talent.

Playmakers can be found all over the field. But nowadays, it is the DBs that get the bulk of the attention. With all the passing going on, you need a couple of playmakers back there. We have been missing that for years. Upgrading our back end should be a priority this year.

My preference. DT in the first. DBs, WRs, and Olinemen after that. Athletes prefered. With a nose for the ball. With the brains and instincts to know how to play. That, imo, is how you build.

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Getting Kalil back will help a lot. Gross has another 2-3 years left and, as the article says, isn't as bad as some here seem to think these days.

Silatolu was a rookie coming from division 2 playing a different position than he did in college. Way too soon to give up on him.

What we need is to sign a FA guard or draft one in the first 2 rounds - ideally Chance Warmack in the 1st or the best guard available in the 2nd.

We can get by with Bell, but it wouldn't hurt to bring in someone who can compete for the job. We just don't have the picks/cap space to get a new starting right tackle right now.

Pretty spot on. Fix the RG spot and we are good. Upgrade the RT spot as well. We are really good. We should be able to do both without going overboard. Which would make Bell and Hangman valuable depth. Win-win.

The only flaw I see is the fact that I don't like drafting any Oline except LT in the first. I know there are some good RG out there, I just feel that high of a pick needs to be a playmaker. RG just doesn't fit the bill.

As much as I want to upgrade the right side of the Oline. I just want my first round pick to be a playmaking, game changing, type of player. For our needs, to me, that means DBs or WRs. A stud DT in the first would also be fine. Just a little scary.

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