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Matthias' Visionary Mock 4

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This is my last mock until after the combine and most of the pro days. Some see the combine as justification for drafting certain players, but we really should only use the combine as a measuring stick on where we should draft players we were already looking at, not as a justification for drafting players. For example, if a player stunk in college, but has a superb combine, don't draft this kid in the first round. I also want to say that a couple of my past mocks had a hint of fan popularity. By that I mean there was at least one guy that fans were high on, that I had in my mock because I was trusting some of you guys hype. (Because I haven't watched much of this player throughout the season.) The player I'm specifically talking about is Kyle Long. Yet now it seems the hype has died off, some of you are saying he is a better G than a LT at the next level. So Kyle Long is officially off my board until the 4th round range. Now, on with the mock....

Trades and releases

Trade with the Bengals:

Bengals get- 2013 14th pick overall

Panthers get- 2013 21st overall, 2013 2nd round pick, 2013 4th round pick

The Bengals right now have a good team. (The only weakness being the QB position. Of course Dalton still has room to grow. I don't think they will dump him just yet) They may be looking for that final piece to get them over the hump, and so will be looking to move up. They have two second round picks, so they should be able to spare one of them.

Trade with the Colts:

Colts get- DeAngelo Williams

Panthers get- 2013 5th round pick

Most people feel like no one will trade for DeAngelo because he's an older RB. Yet if you look at his career, he hasn't carried the ball a great number of times. While he doesn't necessarily have the drive in his legs that allowed him to break a number of tackles he once had, he still have his speed. I think a team, like the Colts, will be willing to give up a late round pick to bring him in. Rather than having to fight with other teams trying to sign him as a free agent.


Chris Gamble

Ron Edwards

Haruki Nakamura

Sione Fua

Couple of other guys


Capt. Munnerlyn

Dwan Edwards

Louis Murphy


Jordan Gross

Free Agency

Desmond Bryant

Pos: Defensive Tackle

Ht: 6'6"

Wt: 311

When it comes to free agency, we don't have a lot of money to throw at anyone. Yet by releasing Gamble, that should free up a good bit for us to sign one valuable free agent. Right now, our biggest need is on the defensive line. Statistically speaking, Desmond Byrant looks to be a diamond in the rough. He's a big guy who should be tough to move, and on top of that, he can get after the passer. I don't know if he should command great money, but he's earned a decent contract.

Sean Smith

Pos: Cornerback

Ht: 6'3"

Wt: 218

Sean has good potential. His specialty is playing physical, but is athletic enough to play corner. That is a mean combination. Now if you ask me, Sean has the potential to be a great corner, and I believe we can coach him up to be that. (Of course with Rivera and crew, that is a very longshot)

Ramses Barden

Pos: Wide Receiver

Ht: 6'6"

Wt: 224

A bargain bin free agent. We've seen his best game come against us. (Was Gamble playing in that game by the way? I don't think he played in that game if memory serves me correctly) So we know he has skill, but does he have the ethic to capatilize on that skill? If you ask the Giants, he was an underacheiver. Yet I still like to bring him aboard, see if he can develop a connection with Newton.

NFL Draft

1st Round Pick (21st overall trade with the Bengals): Chance Warmack


Some of you are still saying Warmack will go in the top ten. Yet yall are living in the past. Warmack may be the best player in this draft, but the G position is going the way of the RB position. Late first round is now the area where G is selected. Welcome to the new NFL!

With all that said, Warmack will instantly make our running game all the more better. This time, we don't have read option crazed Chud on our coaching staff, so with sanity being restored and Warmack on the roster (Haven't even mentioned Cam's ability to run), we should have the number one rushing offense next year.

2nd Round Pick (trade with the Bengals): Bacarri Rambo


Again, this is the best ball hawking safety in this class. I would take him in the late first round, but of course Warmack will be available there. Anyone who've seen him play, knows the kind of talent he has. I actually think he will go in the first round, perhaps the first safety off the board. (Kenny Vaccaro who?) Yet if he falls in the second, the Panthers would be fools if they didn't pick him up. These top two picks here in Warmack and Rambo, would solidfy this team greatly.

2nd Round Pick: Justin Hunter


With the talk on other receivers beginning to rise, such as Cordarrelle Patterson and Quinton Patton, Hunter may fall a little bit. I consider Hunter to be the best receiver in this class because of his combination of size, speed, and great hands. I believe Patterson, who was the number two receiver at Tennessee by the way, benefited from Hunter being on the other side of him. So if Hunter falls, he's our guy for sure.

4th Round Pick: Devin Taylor


Great talent to add on our monstrous D-line. He's had a solid collegiate career, and while he didn't put up unbelievable numbers playing opposite Clowney, he was still good at creating pressure on the QB. Not too mention he was a good run defender, racking up many tackles for a loss. With an NFL coaching staff, excellent examples to watch in CJ and Hardy, teams better watch out for this young talent. He would be the most athletic DE we would have since Julius Peppers.

4th Round Pick (trade with the Bengals): Darius Slay


According to Walterfootball, he is a 4th-5th round prospect. I believe he is a 3rd round prospect, and could rise as high as the 2nd. Yet anyway, for this mock draft before the combine, I'll have him with Walter's view. He is a tested corner, with Jonathan Banks playing on the other side of him, who came away with 5 picks this year. I believe he could come right in, and start day one. The thing I like about him most, is his speed with that size. Mississippi State used him as a gunner on punt return coverage, so you know you need speed to do that. Once again, after the combine, don't be surprised to see this kid drafted in the second round.

5th Round Pick: Dustin Hopkins


With all our positions solidified, it's best not to wait until round 6 and draft the kicker we want. Most of the best kickers go in round 5 on average. So let's make sure we get the best kicker out of the college ranks. That guy if you ask me, is not Sturgis, but Florida's State Dustin Hopkins. While Sturgis has the better percentage, Hopkins has the stronger leg. (and his kicking percentage isn't bad at all) Plus as you can see, the women love him.

5th Round Pick (trade with the Colts): Michael Williams


I don't want to exaggerate here, but because he was primarily used as a blocking TE, and Alabama had one of the best rushing attacks in the season (especially later in the year), Williams is probably the best blocking TE in this class. So he would compliment Olsen well there. Also, has some upside in receiving. Definitely someone you would want on the goaline.

6th Round Pick: Joe Vellano


The best DT in the ACC. I like guys who are the best in their respective conferences, and I can sense he has a good, strong work ethic. He had one year where he racked up 90 plus tackles from the DT spot! He's got grit. There's no question he is potentially a diamond in the rough, and could take over Dwan's spot once he retires.

6th round pick (compensation): Etienne Sabino


For depth at the linebacker spot, and special teams coverage.

6th Round Pick (compensation): Theo Riddick


We are pretty much stacked at RB even without Williams, but Riddick is a nice replacement for Williams on the roster. I expect Stew and Tolbert to be our main guys throughout the season, and if one of them should go down with an injury, Riddick is capable of stepping up to the plate.

Undrafted Free Agents

Dan Buckner WR

Justice Cunningham TE

Marc Panu FB

Couple of other guys

Roster Projection (Starters)


QB- Cam Newton

RB- Jonathan Stewart

FB- Marc Panu ®

TE- Greg Olsen

WR- Steve Smith

WR- Toss up; Justin Hunter ®, David Gettis, Brandon Lafell, Ramses Barden, Louis Murphy

LT- Jordan Gross

LG- Amini Silatolu

C- Ryan Kalil

RG- Chance Warmack ®

RT- Byron Bell


DE- Greg Hardy

DT- Desmond Bryant

DT- Dwan Edwards

DE- Charles Johnson

OLB- Thomas Davis

MLB- Luke Kuechly

OLB- Jon Beason

CB- Darius Slay ®

FS- Bacarri Rambo ®

SS- Charles Godfrey

CB- Sean Smith

Special Teams:

K- Dustin Hopkins ®

P- Brad Nortman

PR- Joe Adams

KR- Joe Adams

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no on hunter...hes good but buit very weird....looked like his legs was going to to snap like theisman everytime he got tackled

rambo is decent..a lil reach though....dont really need an avg de that high in the 4th

good catch on desmond bryant, the 2nd best dt after melton in fa...and should be affordable

and good catch on justice cunningham.....good big blocking tightend for certain plays.

overall decent mock!!

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I like it a lot, but I doubt we'd be able to sign all those FAs. If we do get a good DT in FA I like your draft a lot. As long as Hunter avoids any reinjuries he's gonna be a stud.

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Bryants contract should be sizeable he is very good and I would rather have him than Melton.

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You have 2 UT and no NT with Byrant and Edwards. We need a NT.

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You have 2 UT and no NT with Byrant and Edwards. We need a NT.

Bryant is capable of eating up blocks and stopping the run. He has the ability to be an all-around DT.

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Bryant is capable of eating up blocks and stopping the run. He has the ability to be an all-around DT.

Not really he is light in the ass and is a better fit as a inside pass rusher. You will get him hurt if he has to bang against double teams all year. We need a 320+ pound behemoth to anchor the middle of our Dline.

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no on hunter...hes good but buit very weird....looked like his legs was going to to snap like theisman everytime he got tackled

TheOracle, nice to see you.

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