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Dumb (or Cool!) Panther Purchases

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I was sent out to buy pretzels for my nieces and naturally I bought the Rold Golds Panthers edition.
It got me thinking about all the absurd things I have bought just because they said Panthers on them. Chairs, decks of cards, beer, glasses, seat covers, blankets, you name it, I've bought it.

So I open the floor up to you guys. Do you have any purchases you are particularly ashamed or proud of?



EDIT: This probably doesn't deserve it's own new thread but I picked up some awesome new Panther loots for my birthday!



This is a toast/waffle/grilled cheese maker. It burns a Panther logo into the bread!



These are painting my nieces did for me. They are 2 and 5 years old and they painted these for me in Panthers colors. I will be hanging them in the cave!

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I once subscribed to SI many years ago just to get a free Panthers long sleeve tshirt. I bought a bag of mini snickers for Halloween that had all the nfl teams and took out all the panthers ones before giving the candy away. I bought a cheap kids panthers fishing pole (I don't fish) because I happened to find it at a Walmart here in northern Cali. I have a panthers cat collar and I don't own a cat. I had a panthers badminton racket cover even though I don't own a badminton racket, bought a panthers tail hitch cover before I owned my truck, and was about five minutes away from bidding on those huge panther logos from the old stadium board before my wife said if I spend money on them she would kill me. So yes, I buy ever useless panthers item I see.

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I bought Panther coasters. Just to sit at the bar. I don't use them. They are just there.

Sir. I think what you bought was decor. It's okay, go ahead and say it.

I bet you thought there would be something good down here, eh?

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I paid like $15 extra to get the Panthers logo on my AAA card. I've also got Panthers salt shakers but they were a gift.

I have the Triple A card. I've used the Discount at the Team store too.

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