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Kerbal Space Program

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Its the best 23 dollar sub $25.00 game Ive ever purchased.

Its a work in progress but its far from a demo. I spent a good portion of the weekend trying to get a satellite into a stable orbit and when it finally did lock in the exilleration was pretty intense.

If you like sims or the idea of flight/rockets check it out. There is a free demo and the full version is cheaper than a good bottle of booze and will last a lot longer.


Kerbal Space Program puts you in charge of a fictional version of NASA located on the planet known as, Kerbal. Your job is… well, you don’t actually have a job. Instead you are dropped into the spaceport with a collection of parts that, when properly assembled, allow you to perform an array of space-related missions. Think of it as a giant sandbox where the only things standing between you and the stars is your own ingenuity and the reality of physics.

It’s not a game for those who are impatient or unable to commit. Putting together a basic rocket and brute-forcing your way out of the atmosphere is simple enough, but constructing more intricate systems takes a lot of time, thought, and experimentation. That experimentation bit is key, because the game doesn’t teach you how to use the different components effectively. The four tutorials currently included go over the basics of the interface and introduce some basic orbital maneuvers, but after that you’re left to your own devices.

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yeah but how many $23 games have you purchased?


Including this one.

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