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Help Name the Moons of Pluto!

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If you've ever wanted to leave your mark on the heavens, here's your chance.

Astronomers are asking for help in naming two newly discovered moons of Pluto, which currently go by the uninspired monikers P4 and P5.

The tiny satellites were spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

Pluto's three other known moons —Charon, Nix and Hydra — are named for Greek mythological characters associated with the underworld. The short list of names that interested members of the public can vote on for the new moons follow that same pattern, researchers said.

Go here to vote http://www.plutorocks.com

You can choose a name on the list or choose to write in a name - (Names for the moons of Pluto must come from Greek or Roman mythology and must be related to Pluto/Hades and the underworld.)

Vote as often as you like but only once a day.

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Interesting fact; The Earth is the only planet not named after a god.

Earth is sometimes called Terra, after the goddess who embodied the earth itself, and was mother to most other significant gods and goddesses.

The Sun and Moon are officially named Sol and Luna, which are the Roman god and goddess who were the embodiments of the Sun and Moon.

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pretty soon they're going to run out of mythological names, why waste them on something that revolves around a celestial body that doesn't even qualify as a planet anymore?

my vote is for dick and balls

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well technically its Luna or Selene

named after the mythological creature Luna Vachon

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Fuggin' Trekkies hijacked it. I really wanted them to be named Tantalus and Sisyphus, after two famous characters sentanced to eternal punishment in Hades.

Instead one is gonna be named after Spock's home planet (and a mythological character with exactly nothing to do with the underworld), and the other is a toss-up between either Cerberus (totally okay with this, although I think most people picked it because of the association with Harry Potter) and the band that gave us "Come Sail Away." It's so stupid to have a moon named Styx, and a moon named Charon. You can't have moons named after places and characters. It's one or the other. Charon is on the River Styx. If anything, Charon should be a moon of the Planet Styx.

I know it's my fault for getting torqued by something so trivial, but any time the publc gets to vote, they never fail to disappoint me.

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