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Any military backpack experts here?

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#1 jasonluckydog


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Posted 20 February 2013 - 07:07 PM

I found this awesome backpack at Goodwill today looks brand new, paid 3 Lincolns for it. I looked on Ebay trying to find a comparable bag so I can sell it. I see some bags sell from $50 to $500

Any info on this would be appreciated..

This one can separate into 2 backpacks, if I don't sell it was going to use it for my bug out.

No marking on who made it

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

I put it on so people can see the size im 6'1

Posted Image

#2 brian032


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Posted 20 February 2013 - 09:02 PM

Looks more like a Chinese clone. Most of the marpat gear, especially backpacks, have MOLLE straps and tougher stitching. Maybe the bag was used for paintball or airsoft in the past? Either way, it'll make a nice bug out bag.

#3 TruCatzFan


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Posted 21 February 2013 - 04:12 AM

Looks like a prototype for the MOLLE bags. Obviously this one was meant for a Marine based off the digi pattern. It's either a prototype or a knock off. Either way, it's a nice bag to ****** up for so cheap.

Edit: pick up*

Also if you look inside the bag, up along where your back would be if it were on, there should be a tag in there if its legit. Also you'd find an NSN for it (kind of like a serial #)

Best of luck

#4 h0llywood



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Posted 21 February 2013 - 11:12 AM

It is supposed to be a Marine Corps pack but the design is not something I have ever seen. Looks to be from a non military related company,

Marines moved from Alice, Molle to ILBE.

Look up ILBE and you can get a general price range to sell those for.

#5 Brokenbad


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Posted 21 February 2013 - 11:22 AM

Appears to be a Marine MOLLE. (Pronounced "Molly")

More than likely, it came in a set with a ton of small attachments for magazines, grenades, and a load bearing equipment vest.

Just like Trucatz said, there should be a tag in it with an NSN (National Stock Number) which will really aid you in your value search.

#6 pstall


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Posted 22 February 2013 - 12:51 AM

the luckydog antique huddle roadshow. lol

#7 Bronn



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Posted 22 February 2013 - 08:42 AM

Could also be homemade... A lot of people have gone to making their own bags like this...

#8 j2sgam


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Posted 22 February 2013 - 09:00 AM

I dont know squat about them, but was strolling through ebay & found this, thought of this thread. Some pricing info, nothing more...


#9 Chimera


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Posted 23 February 2013 - 11:20 PM

I don't think it's anything that was ever issued, but if the zippers and stitching are any good, it looks like you've got yourself a kick ass bag.