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What to do with my dogs?

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So I have two good size dogs (75 and 50 lbs), ages 5 and 4, that I love very much, but just don't know what to do with anymore. My wife and I both have careers that require our focus a great deal of the time, as well as a nearly 2 year old daughter that pretty much gets the rest of the time. I feel the lack of attention has made my boys what they are to a degree.

The oldest is the alpha, and is the less problematic of the two. The only real issue with him is his barking while in the bark yard. That is the worst when a neigbhor walks their dog by, and goes along with running the fence line which tears the yard up more than normal, and gets him pretty dirty. The youngest is the biggest source of my wife's complaining, and that's the real problem. He is afraid of so much. Thunder gives him the shakes. Currently a new house is being built across from mine, and with all the noise, he won't go outside on his own. I literally have to pick him up, and put him out. Once he gets out he may piss like a horse after waiting most of the day, and he may just whine and wimper at the door to be let back in. Even if I stand out there with him. He has pissed on the carpet several times now in the past few weeks.

So those things have me thinking of options I really don't want to take. Put them up for adoption? Take them to the pound? Something else? I really just am not sure, and hate to lose my "sons". :(

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Know this first and foremost: you surrender them to the county or city pound and they'll be put down in 10 days or less if not adopted. That being said, the pound is not an adoption agency- the SPCA is; a rescue agency is.

They have lost your attention and exercise. They are now at the bottom of the pecking order and, just like humans, when they no longer enjoy the interaction with people and other dogs, when the change is rather sudden, they freak. It is a complete and total security issue. While one feels the needs to patrol and protect, the other is far less secure and protective. I could have told you which dog was behaving in what way without knowing which is older- that's the way they are.

Unfortunately, the younger one is going to need to be adopted by someone who will devote some quality time and try to rebuild some security and confidence and the older one is going to need someone who makes him feel like he doesn't need to patrol and protect- someone to watch over him instead of the other way around.

I would highly recommend you speak with your local SPCA and make sure they're a no-kill facility. If they're pure-bred or close to it, perhaps Googling a few rescue organizations also- they're very good at finding homes.

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