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To all white Christians and Jews

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After reading another thread about the new bible series I got to thinking. (I know, i know my first mistake)

How does the average white Christian, or Jew feel about the portrayal of whites as ancient biblical figures? Are you aware of the truth? Would you buy a picture of a non blue eyed Jesus? Or even an African one. Does that come up in conversation amongst church or synagogue mates.

Most will say that they don't care or it is not important but don't take the easy way out. Honest answers please. Remember GOD knows your heart and I will not bash you for your beliefs.

From here after is editing after the first two pages of mocking comments.

When speaking of ancient people, we commonly mix scripture with history. But lets separate them for a second.

The scripture tells us that the Hebrew people originated in and around what is now southern Israel and moved to Egypt at the behest of Jacob to escape famine. Meaning they originated in what is now Jordan and northern Saudi Arabia.

In the Bible there are many references to how the Hebrew/Israelites were often mistaken for or looked like Egyptians.

Acts 21:38 Paul mistaken for an Egyptian

Exodus 2:16-19 The priest of Midian speaking to his daughters about Moses watering their flock.

Matthew 2:13 Angel of the Lord tells Joseph to take Jesus and Mary and hide in Egypt.

So now to history. There is no record of who the Iraelites were until after the Exodus, but the wars fought along the way to Jerusalem are well documented.

Now when people think of a middle eastern man or woman they think of what they see today on tv. Light-brown skinned people with generally straight black hair. We agree that they were in Egypt and that they looked like Egyptians or middle easterners but how did the people of the area describe themselves


These are all pictures from the time of Seti I who is commonly recognized as the pharoah of the old testament. Now the Egyptians had a great ability to mix colors and could have easily described themselves as lighter skinned people if they so chose as evidenced by the the instances of both very dark and very light people throughout all their artwork. But when they describe themselves the use that deep brown tone. Post Roman Empire saw a different mix of colors in the artwork.

Below is an ancient Sumerian depictian of a man and a bull


That was how the middle easterners described themselves.

Below you will find a picture of a modern Egyptian from the lower(northern) Egypt


Below are pictures of modern Ethiopians and modern Egyptians that do not live near Cairo.


Think about it. It is commonly accepted that Black people are black because of a reaction to the Sun causing an increase in melanin. Well the middle east is among the hottest and most sun drenched places on earth. It would not be possible for a lighter skinned race to survive without relatively modern comforts or ways to protect themselves from the sun. They would burn up and likely die out from cancer in just a few generations.



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This topic is always met with ridicule and mocking. It is truly a sensitive subject to all, even the non Christians or non Jewish. I understand. The majority of Americans were raised on the Bible or Torah and the majority of America is Caucasian. With the complex racial history in America, a certain "whitewashing" of history has occurred that is hard to break. But if it is important to you, then it should be important to know the truth and you should not be afraid of it. Mock if you must but mocking something is a sign of weakness and more specifically a weak mind.

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It isn't sensitive to me because I realize white American religious fanatics are fuging stupid in general.

A sign of a weak mind is blind faith in an omnipotent trinity, if you want to get all technical and poo...

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The discussion on the validity of religion or the existence of a creator is a conversation for another post. My question is for those that believe or otherwise hold this particular history sacred.

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And no, I got it just fine, but I included Christians and Jews ( basically anyone that holds sacred the history of the Israelites) and some of them would have pictures of Jesus. Besides Christians, their are people called Messianic Jews.

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next you're going to tell me jesus didn't speak in king james english


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